Kaiser Park: Brooklyn

                Monitoring Site Adopted By: New York City Parks       

Site Coordinator:

Maria Amin (718)392-5232; email: Maria.Amin@parks.nyc.gov

Due to COVID-19, the number of volunteers will be limited and all participants must pre-register by contacting the site coordinator and receiving confirmation prior to the scheduled survey date. Volunteers who do not schedule their session with the site coordinator will not be permitted to participate.

All volunteers must complete and submit the required Volunteer Health Screening and Attestation Form to the site coordinator prior to monitoring.       

*Please Note; July sample dates may not be necessary if the spawning season ends in June.

Please download site specific protocol

Total Count Protocol.pdf

Total Count Combined.pdf


Directions to Kaiser Park:

Exit 6 off the Belt Parkway for Cropsey Avenue/Coney Island.  At the end of the exit ramp, turn right at Burger King.  Stay in the right lane and go over the Cropsey Avenue Bridge. Turn right onto Neptune Avenue.  Go about 12 blocks.  After passing the Mark Twain School and Leon Kaiser Playground, turn right onto Bayview Avenue. We should be parked near West 36th & 37th Streets.