Volunteer Forms and Monitoring PRotocols

Please download the following forms and protocols beforehand. The “Adult-Risk-Waiver,” “Youth-Risk-Waiver,” and “Volunteer Agreement” forms are REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS.

Please fill out and return to the Site Coordinator

  1. 1.COVID-19 Health Survey and Attestation Form

Note: All Participants MUST COMPLETE a the COVID-19 Health Survey and Attestation Form and Sign-In at the monitoring site prior to the survey.

  1. 3.Monitoring Protocols:

We are running 2 different Monitoring Protocols:

Total Count Protocol.pdf

Quadrat Protocol.pdf.

Please choose the appropriate monitoring protocol for your site.

4. Data Forms:

Total Count data forms - (Surf vs. Submerged) - Total Count Combined.pdf

Quadrat data forms - (1m quadrat, pace count...) - Quadrat Combined.pdf

West Meadow Beach - (Transect “Zones”) - West Meadow Combined.pdf

For the list of monitoring sites and their protocols, click here.

(Note: All documents are .PDF and may require the latest version of Adobe Reader)

Click here to Download

Important Notice: Thank you for your interest in the NYS horseshoe crab monitoring program. We are currently planning the 2021 monitoring season and hope to have some limited volunteer participation given the most current information on Covid-19. We will update the program website as soon as possible with more information.

  1. 3.Volunteer COVID-19 Protocol

All Participants must

Note: All Participants MUST follow the Volunteer COVID-19 Protocol to participate in the survey.